Umarex Shoulder Holster (Universal)

Umarex Shoulder Holster (Universal)

Shoulder holsters are the epitome of cool - seen in TV and movies for virtually every cop show, to their practical covert concealed carry purposes. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find good shoulder holsters where the pistol is securely held, and are comfortable.

Manufactured by Umarex, this shoulder holster is superb in every way. The shoulders are padded, giving improved comfort, as well as greater security. The holster stays put once secured. Shoulder holsters are worn across both shoulders, and attach to a belt, keeping everything exactly where it should. Between the two shoulders is durable elastic, allowing you to manoeuvre unimpeded.

The holster section is suitable for the majority of mid-size pistols e.g. Glock, 1911, M9, XDM, Five-SeveN, USP, HK45, etc. Large pistols such as the Desert Eagle will not fit.

On the other side you have a double magazine holder, constructed out of the same durable material as the shoulders, with high quality velcro closures.

Best of all, these sections are removable, allowing you to swap them to the other side (if you're right/left handed). It also means you could combine two of them for the ultra dual wielding setup!

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