Adapt X Level 3 (Pink) Universal Holster

Adapt X Level 3 (Pink) Universal Holster

The ADAPT X series of holsters from Swiss Arms changed the game for holsters - you get the practicality of the rigid holsters, without the problem of having to buy a different one for each pistol type.

The ADAPT X will work with over 200+ pistols, suitable for EU-Series series, 1911 series, SIG, FNX45, M&P series etc. Simply loosen the screws around the holster, insert your pistol, and tighten the screws around your pistol.

The Level 3 adds a mid-ride adapter to lower the holster, which improves comfort considerably. This adapter is quickly installed, and means when worn on the hip, the holster sits approximately halfway between where it sits on the paddle, and on a drop leg.

The Level 3 also adds an additional trigger guard retention, requiring thumb and index finger to release. This is more secure, improves safety, whilst not reducing performance.

The ADAPT X is still completely ambidextrous

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