Drop Leg Holster, Basic (Right)

Drop Leg Holster, Basic (Right)


Drop leg holsters are a more tactical holtser, as they cannot be used for concealed carry - it says "I am carrying a pistol, and proudly". They are available in different shapes, colours and varieties. This particular one is built out of nylon and manufactured by Swiss Arms. It is a basic leg holster, with slim retaining straps. As a result it is not suited for heavier weight full metal pistols.

This holster is recommended for the budget range of guns, or plastic pistols. That said it will fit most common designs i.e. EU-Series, USP, M9, 1911, SIG etc.

As with the vast majority of holsters you will need a belt to wear this - any trouser belt will do. Mounting it is simple - loop the belt through and adjust the straps for your leg. To make the hoslter as stable as possible you should wear it up as high as possible on the thigh. It is also recommended to have the bottom strap a little looser than the top to allow it to move back into position.

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