Double Eagle M22 / Replica

Double Eagle M22 / Replica

This spring pistol is close to the M92 styling, with its own twist! But best of all, it includes the (removable) silencer...which just makes it that much cooler!

The magazine holds 14 BB's, and is easy to load. Simply load up your magazine, and cock the slide back to shoot. As this pistol is spring powered, there is no gas or batteries to consider. Instead you have to pull the slide back for every shot.

Please note, as this is manually cocking, it is important to use high quality BB's, and never to re-use BB's. Using low quality, or already-used BB's will damage and break your gun.

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Spring Pistol Specification
Power < 1 Joule
Mag Capacity 14 BB's
Colour Black
  • €15.00
  • Ex Tax: €12.20

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