The FN P90 shot to fame from its inclusion in various video games e.g. (Counter-Strike), and in particular in the Stargate SG-1 TV series.

It is a compact SMG (sub-machine gun), designed as a bullpup PDW (Personal Defence Weapon). In other words, rounds are fed behind the trigger, which facilitates a longer barrel in a smaller package. This gives the P90 its iconic long magazine, which is a top-feeder. The benefit of its length is its real-steel ammo-capacity, but for this GBBR replica, it benefits from a large gas reservoir. Originally conceived as a gun suitable for military transports, increasing reaction time thanks to its compact nature, it has grown to such popularity in part due to its futuristic look.

This particular replica is manufactured by WE Tech under worldwide exclusive license from Cybergun, which allows the faithful reproduction of the FN Herstal trademarks. Unlike many other P90 replicas, this one is by far the most realistic - powered by Green Gas (sold separately), this beast offers strong recoil with every pull of the trigger. Solidly constructed out of fibre reinforced nylon for the body, and metal for the upper receiver, this tri-rail P90 stands above the GBBR crowd!

Cleverly designed, the magazine fills an internal reservoir to overcome the issue of a top-loading gas magazine, which also means you get an impressive amount of shots-to-fill. That may sound like a minor detail, but in our climate it makes all the difference.

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Gas Rifle Specification
Manufacturer WE
Gas Type Green Gas
Mag Capacity 50
Blowback YES
Length 500mm
Weight 2.229kg
  • Brand: WE Tech
  • 200553
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €459.99
  • Ex Tax: €459.99

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