Cyma FN SCAR-L (Metal)(TN)

Cyma FN SCAR-L (Metal)(TN)

What do you get when you want an M4, with all of the advantages of gearbox type, magazine compatibility, accessory options, and yet is not quite an M4? You get a SCAR-L...that's what!

The SCAR-L was designed as a modular assault rifle to replace the M4, but in airsoft terms it's simply a cool looking asasult rifle with a V2 gearbox for all your repair/upgrade needs. Practically it has a monolithic rail for any optic setup you want, as well as quad rail around the foregrip for you to mount lasers, lights, grips, grenade launchers etc.

The stock is extendable and foldable, with an adjustable cheek-peace and battery compartment! There's some engineering for you! In other models of SCAR the wires going from stock to gun are exposed, however in this they've encased it in a durable spring to keep it safe and secure! Manufactured by CYMA under Cybergun's watchful eye, they have learned from the predecessors of Classic Army, G&G and VFC. Basically it performs like a G&G, while feeling like a VFC, and costing around the same as the Classic Army. Not bad!

Battery and charger are included, however we would strongly recommend a Smart Charger and aftermarket battery, just to get the most out of it.

The bolt stop on the gun is functional, insofar as it keeps the bolt out of your way so you can adjust the hop up! Pressing it slams the bolt forward with a satisfying clank. The lower on the SCAR-L is plastic, same as on the real steel, but the upper is dense metal which gives it a great heft!

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Rife Specification
Gearbox Type Version 2
Length 55cm (folded), 74cm (collapsed), 80cm (extended)
Weight 3.5kg
Manufacturer CYMA
Colour: Tan
Mag Capacity 300rds
Power: <0.95J
Recommended Battery 9.6v Mini
  • Brand: CYMA
  • 200955
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €349.99
  • Ex Tax: €349.99

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