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Schmeisser MP40 (Co2 GBBR)

Easily one of the most popular World War II airsoft guns on the market, the MP40 is a sublime replica. It feels solid with the stock in both folded and unfolded positions, and performs like a dream with impressive recoil from the Co2 (sold separately). Unprecedented realism from WWII airsoft with this officially licensed replica from Cybergun.

Thanks to the folding stock, this gun is extremely manoeuvrable - if you're moving quickly, and clearing rooms/buildings then you can fold the stock and benefit from the guns shorter profile allowing you to corner more efficiently etc, whereas if you're shooting at distance you can fold the stock out, and take a much more stable shot.

The body is constructed out of aluminium for impressive durability, and improved realism. You even get a 6.03mm tightbore barrel out of the box. The grip is imitation bakelite, giving it the authentic look and feel. But the real selling point of this beast is the Co2 power - the magazine houses two Co2 cannisters, as well as 30 BB's. This is one of the rare guns where the GBBR variant offers no downsides versus the AEG - you get the similar mag capacity, but just a lot more fun with every shot.

The open bolt firing system is incredibly realistic, and offers great recoil. The folding stock is constructed out of the same aluminium as the body, and all markings have been deeply stamped for greater authenticity. The magazine is constructed out steel, and is weighty, making it feel even more impressive.

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Rife Specification
Length 830mm
Weight 3.19kg
Manufacturer AGM
Colour: Bakelite
Mag Capacity 30
Power: <1J
  • Brand: SRC
  • 300003
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €429.99
  • Ex Tax: €429.99

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