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Get the Official Colt M4 replica, Beretta M9 (with silencer), both including battery & charger, Full Face Mask, Tactical Hip Holster, and 0.20g BB's!

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Thinking of starting Airsoft? We've got you covered! Get the iconic Colt M4 full metal rifle, complete with official trademarks as your primary. It includes battery & charger, and has an integrated (removable) silencer. You also get a sidearm, for those close-quarter encounters - the Beretta M9 AEP, with removable silencer. This official M9 replica has authentic Beretta trademarks, and includes battery & charger. As part of this starter pack, you have a tactical hip holster, allowing you to carry both with ease.

To keep your eyes and teeth safe, you get a full face mesh mask, allowing you to get into the thick of it!

In airsoft, there are few things as constants...but one of those is the popularity of the M4 platform. It is a crucial mainstay, and virtually all manufacturers are judged on their delivery in this field. Of course, there are hundreds of variants, and choosing the right one can be tricky.

This model of the M4 is a shortened down version, complete with integrated silecner, and 6-position stock. The overall length aids you playing at most gaming sites, as your position won't be given away when turning corners. Similarly, the fact it has the built-in (and removable) silencer is a nice touch to set it apart from the crowd. Best of all, the inner barrel runs through into the sielncer, ensuring you won't have any accuracy issues from BB's colliding with the walls of your silencer.

Manufacturerd by Cybergun, this model offers superb value for money. You get a high quality 8mm quick spring change gearbox, complete with steel gears (even with a sector chip for improved feeding), improved AOE (angle of engagement), and more. The advantage of the quick spring change is huge; maintenance is far simpler by removing the spring first, and even basic troubleshooting is more straight forward (e.g. locked gearbox). As previously mentioned, the inner barrel runs through the silencer for improved performance, whilst the rotary hop up chamber facilitates a more fine-tuned approach to dialling your shots in!

Externally is where this gun really shines - metal receiver, full RIS handguard, flip up tactical iron sights, integrated silencer, and compact nature make this a CQB beast not to be messed with! The included magazine holds 300 BB's, and needs to be wound on every 20+ BB's. The included battery and charger will be enough to get you started, however we do recommend upgrading to higher quality batteries and chargers to get the most out of your replica (and your day's gaming).

The sidearm is manufactured by Umarex, complete with official Beretta trademarks. It is a select-fire model; semi-auto and full-auto. You have a removable silencer, helping you get the drop on the OpFor.

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Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 2
Length 645mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Manufacturer Specna Arms
Colour: Black
Mag Capacity: 300
Power: 1 Joule
Recommended Battery 9.6v Nunchuck
  • Brand: Cybergun
  • SF_180868-SP
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €471.00
  • €349.99
  • Ex Tax: €349.99

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