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Specna Arms EDGE M4 Keymod (E-07) Light Ops (HT), In airsoft, the mainstay (and industry favourite) is the humble AEG

In airsoft, the mainstay (and industry favourite) is the humble AEG. Battery powered replicas, offering superb value, and unmatched practicality. AEG stands for "Automatic Electric Gun", and it really is a case of "What it says on the Tin" - they have an internal gearbox, and motor, and when you pull the trigger the battery spins the motor, allowing the replica to fire. Granted, that doesn't sound terribly exciting, however in reality, it means every time you pull the trigger, your gun fires, and you can get an impressive rate of fire (more BB's down range faster).

Internally, most components of an AEG can be tweaked/upgraded, so you can tinker and customise your replica to suit how you play. Whether you want a faster rate of fire, more responsive trigger, or increase the range & accuracy, with an AEG the world is your oyster. Due to their mechanism, they are quieter than their gas/Co2 counterparts, so you can stay hidden for longer (or if shooting targets out the back, the sound is less likely to irritate the neighbours).

In life there are few things as ubiquitous as the venerable M4 - it is by far the most popular platform in airsoft, thanks in no small part to its proliferation in Military and Law Enforcement around the world. It is an evolution of the M16, or AR-15, and follows much of the same design language. Throughout its long service history, it has undergone many changes, although they are mostly cosmetic - different handguards, stock designs, barrel lengths etc. Underneath it all, they are still the same great M4 Assault Rifle.

Its design is iconic, and instantly recognisable, and as a platform it offers superior customisation and adaption to most. It is often called the Barbie Accessory gun, because you change virtually every single part, and customise it completely to your liking.

Specna Arms are one of the most dominant brands on the airsoft market, coming out of nowhere to completely take over, offering superior performance, better value, and unbelievable quality at an affordable price. Perhaps better than any other, Specna Arms have dedicated tiers covering each price point, with massive variety of models at each level - FLEX is their entry level sportsline series, where you have high quality internals paired with fibre reinforced nylon externals, CORE are their mid-level range with more metal components on externals (e.g. handguard/rail kits), and EDGE are their high end full metal replicas with higher quality internals. And that's just the guns!

Specna Arms also produce a massive range of accessories from magazines to batteries, tactical gear, and much more. All of their products have a focus on airsoft, and airsofters, making them optimised for the skirmish field. It is hard to beat them for sheer quality, especially when you factor in their price. Virtually all of their guns have quick spring change systems, with steel gears and 6.03mm tightbore barrels out of the box, and since you can get virtually every part for them, you can tweak and customise to your heart's content, and create something unique to you. It's no surprise that they are one of the most often recommended, and most beloved airsoft manufacturers.

The Rock River Arms EDGE E07-L has deeply engraved RRA trademarks on the receiver. You have a keymod handguard, complete with two RIS/RAS rail adapters, and out of the box you get a vertical grip. The top of the replica has a virtually uninterrupted RIS/RAS rail, allowing you to run virtually any optics setup. Thanks to the Keymod Handguard, you have a wealth of accessory options, especially as you get the included rail adapters.

The stock on this rifle is the Light Ops stock; a slim-line ergonomic design, with a QD mount point for slings. Carrying the ergonomic theme, you have a textured ergo pistol grip, housing the motor. But that's only the outside...inside is where the E-07-L shines.

You have a V2 8mm bearing Orion gearbox, with aluminium dual o-ring air seal components, steel gears, polycarbonate piston (with steel teeth), and a factory fitted GATE X-ASR MOSFET. This improves performance, reliability, and durability. It does mean that there is less space in the stock tube for batteries, so you'll need to run it on small 7.4v Lipos. Please note, this rifle does not include battery or charger.

The hop up unit on this piece is a rotary design, affording more granular control - you can dial in your shots a lot more effectively. Consistency is excellent thanks to the pre-fitted 6.03mm tight bore barrel.

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Rife Specification
Gearbox Type Version 2
Length 650mm
Weight 2.48kg
Manufacturer Specna Arms
Colour: Black & Tan
Mag Capacity 125 BB's
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 7.4v Lipo
  • Brand: Specna Arms
  • SPE-01-033908-00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €289.99
  • Ex Tax: €289.99

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