WE EU18C (Semi & Full Auto)

WE EU18C (Semi & Full Auto)

The EU-Series pistol is infamous - used by military and law enforcement around the world, it is instantly recognisable.

There are many different entries into the EU-Series family - this particular one is the EU-Series 18C, a select-fire model. You can set it to semi-auto, or to full auto and unleash hell! The slide has been lightened with compensator cuts, which help with the gas economy (especially on full auto), but also make it look damned cool!

Manufactured by WE, this model has a plastic lower and a metal slide (just the same as the real steel model). As it is a gas blowback pistol, it has realistic slide action, giving simulated recoil with each shot - simply gas up the magazine (hold both the magazine and the gas bottle upside down, line up the nozzle and hold in place for 10+ seconds), load your BB's in (pull down the spring, load your BB's through the bottom channel), and you're good to go!

Performance wise this pistol is solid - man size targets at 30 meters is no issue, however because of the heavy metal slide, it is recommended to use Nuprol 2.0 or 130 PSI gas. There is a fully adjustable hop up, requiring partial disassembly of the pistol to access. Simply remove the magazine, rack back the slide, and hold down the disassembly levers (one on either side). This allows you to run the top-slide off the frame. On the underside of the top-slide you will find the hop up wheel; move this toward the rear of the pistol for more backspin, or forwards for less.

This pistol has two safety mechanisms built in - the first, the trigger safety, will only allow the gun to be fired once the inner trigger is pressed. The second safety, is more of a storage safety, where you can slide back the serial plate on the tac-rail to block the trigger. As this is not easy to toggle on/off in a hurry, we don't recommend using this safety duing games, however it is perfect for transport etc.

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Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Green Gas
Blowback Yes
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 25
Length 200mm
Weight 0.7kg
Fire Mode Semi Auto & Full Auto
Colour Black
Hop up Adjustable
  • Brand: WE Tech
  • 1005
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  • €139.99
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