Tokyo Marui FNX45 (Black)

Tokyo Marui FNX45 (Black)

The FNX45 was one of the most hotly anticipated airsoft guns to come out in recent years, first released by Cybergun/VFC to much fanfare. Tokyo Marui eventually following suit with their entry to this esteemed platform, and they've certainly broken the mould!

Constructed out of durable ABS plastic, this pistol feels solid in your hand, and thanks to the plastic slide, its gas economy is excellent. Unlike the VFC model, the fill valve is located on the bottom of the magazine, hidden in the cross-slot base-plate. Another welcome change to VFC's design is the magazine colour - the pound-shop silver is gone, in favour of this sleek black design!

Shooting the FNX45 is satisfying; the large magazine stores 29 BB's, and plenty of gas to empty a full mag. We recommend using standard green gas to avoid any unnecessary damage to your replica!

The pistol grip on this piece is quite chunky, however it feels snug in your hand. As a nice touch Tokyo Marui have provided three alternative back-straps (plus the one on your pistol as standard), allowing you to find the size that sits most comfortably in your hand. That may seem like a small detail, however it affords greater control during manipulation, and can allow you to get BB's downrange a split second faster.

As on the VFC model, the slide on this replica facilitates the addition of an RMR optic (sold separately), which is a nice touch, especially combined with the threaded outer barrel giving it that operator look. You also have a 20mm rail to further aid this, should you wish to add flashlights/lasers etc.

The FNX45 features a functional de-cocking lever, which also serves as your safety (ambidextrous); push the lever down to drop the hammer, and push the lever up to engage the safety. This dual functionality really helps make this a utilitarian piece.

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Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Green Gas
Blowback Gas Blowback
Power <1J
Mag Capacity 29rds
Length 220mm
Weight 0.83kg
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Colour Tan
Hop up Adjustable
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