Double Eagle FAMAS / M46 (Spring)

Double Eagle FAMAS / M46 (Spring)

This spring replica from Double Eagle is modelled after the FAMAS assault rifle, made famous by its use in the French military.

Used in games such as Call of Duty, and even the original Metal Gear Solid, it is an iconic gun!

As the replica is spring powered, you need to pull back the bolt every time to both load 1x BB, and cock the piston. The bolt is easy-access, and ambidextrous by design. Located on the top of the rifle (under the carry handle), this is easy to load due to the bullpup design.

Included in the box is the standard barrel, barrel with silencer, front grip, safety glasses, and even a basic sling!

Since it is manually operated, it is imperative to not re-use ammo, as this can jam your rifle and cause irreversible damage. Only use high quality BB's

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Spring Pistol Specification
Power < 1 Joule
Mag Capacity 40 BB's
Colour Black
  • €45.00
  • Ex Tax: €36.59

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