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Evolution M40 Sniper Rifle (Tan), One of the staples of airsoft is the sniper, and what's a sniper without their rifle? A target

One of the staples of airsoft is the sniper, and what's a sniper without their rifle? A target. The rifle is a key component, and choosing the right rifle is essential

Manufactured by Evolution, the M40 sniper rifle is a bolt action spring powered rifle, with a single piece outer barrel. It is based off the M40A3 MacMillan design, giving it superb ergonomics. You have an adjustable buttpadd (removable pieces to adjust length), adjustable cheek piece), built in scope rail to facilitate magnified sniper scopes, as well as swivel stud and bottom RIS rail for bipods etc. The body has been designed to accommodate QD Sling mounts (sold separately), giving you great tactical capability.

Internally, this rifle is compatible with many VSR-10 parts, making it a great rifle to start with, as you have options down the line. However, it is no slouch out of the box. Designed with 1 Joule in mind, it is a great performer out of the box, with an easy bolt pull, as well as being paired with a 6.03mm tight bore barrel for improved consistency.

There is a unique serial number on every rifle, making it even more unique. This can be found on the side of the receiver, which is textured for improved handling and ergonomics. The magazines hold 30 BB's, and you get 1x in the box. These can be reloaded with a speed loader (sold separately) in the field.

These are compatible with Cybergun FN SPR A5M magazines, and S02 magazines.

Sniper Rifle Specification
Length 1140mm
Weight 2.9 kg
Power < 1 J
Fire Mode Bolt Action; Single Shot
Power Source Spring
Mag Capacity 30 BB's
Colour Tan
  • Brand: Evolution
  • EC90SR-T
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  • €195.00
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