Maple Leaf Decepticons (VSR) 80

-10% Maple Leaf Decepticons (VSR) 80

Maple Leaf hop up rubbers are widely regarded among gamers for the superior performance they offer; better range, tighter groupings, and excellent consistency...all good things to have in a gun!

There are a lot of different hop up rubbers to choose between, and it all comes down to exactly what you're looking for out of your replica.

These hop up rubbers are suitable for GBB pistols, and VSR-compatible sniper rifles. There are three main types; Autobot, Decepticons, and Delta. So what's the difference?

The Delta and Decepticons both use the same system; a single point of contact (however the Decepticons rubber uses a longer contact patch). The Decepticons is thicker, and comes with a C-clip to preserve the integrity of the hop up rubber for longer. Both will perform similar, however the Decepticons has a longer breaking in period.

The Autobots uses a two-point diamond contact, helping keep the BB's centred in the barrel. This allows for greater surface area contact, however it will wear faster. The Autobot and Decepticons are constructed out of the same material, and share the same design (C-Clip); it's really a choice between the single contact patch, or two-point diamond system.

Finally, you have the degree of hardness - there are several available. The higher the degree, the firmer the hop up rubber is (it will take longer to get up to operating at full potential), and the higher the FPS required to get the best out of it. The higher degrees last longer, however the performance of the lower degrees (softer hop up) is superior (when compared like with like).

This particular hop up is the Decepticons 80 degree

Upgrade Parts - Barrel & Hop Specification
Suitable for VSR
  • Brand: Maple Leaf
  • 24771-AZ
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