Maple Leaf 6.02mm Tightbore GBB Barrel (97mm)

Maple Leaf 6.02mm Tightbore GBB Barrel (97mm)

Your inner barrel is the part most responsible for your shot-to-shot grouping, also referred to as consistency. It works in tandem with your hop up assembly to deliver the performance you expect.

Not all barrels are created equal, and sometimes you need a little bit more from your replica.

These barrels are manufactured by Maple Leaf, and are 6.02mm tightbore barrels. These are manufactured for the GBB Pistol barrel window design, and are not compatible with AEG

Upgrade Parts - Barrel & Hop Specification
Suitable for GBB Pistol
  • Brand: Maple Leaf
  • 30053-AZ
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