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Your hop up rubber is the part that is reponsible for adding lift to your BB's - it is a piece of rubber that surrounds the barrel, so that when BB's pass through they are shoved under the hop up rubber which adds backspin, and thus lift. 

In Ireland the G&G Blue Cold Weather hopup rubber is regarded as one of the best, if not the best. Due to the average temperature of our climate, combined with the power limit of our guns, there are very few products that can even come close to rivalling it. It's a 40 degree soft hop up rubber, that requires very little time to 'heat up' in use to reach its maximum effectiveness.

As with all soft hop up rubbers we would strongly recommend using a hard nub in conjunction as it will give you more finite adjustment. This hop up rubber is compatible with the vast majority of AEG's however please take care when installing.

Upgrade Parts - Barrel & Hop Specification
Suitable for Virtually All AEG
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