Where to Play

Where to Play?
The Assylum:
Location: Wexford
Min. Age: 14 y/o
Rentals Available: Yes
Membership Required: Yes - €10 annual membership
The Assylum in Wexford is one of Leinster's premier CQB sites, with a brilliant combination of dense woodland, and urban play! The site features a purpose built village for that intense CQB action, as well as more natural obstacles of trees, trench/ditch lines and streams making for an altogether exhilerating gaming experience!
To play at the Assylum you need to be over 14 years old, and must be signed up as a member (new members are always welcome!)
Facebook: Facebook.com
Phone: 0873159274 or 0873112948
The Compound:
Location: Navan
Min. Age: 13 y/o
Rentals Available: No
Membership Required: Yes - €5 annual membership
The Compound is a ‘members only’ Airsoft site, with membership costing just €5. Membership is open to all who are aged 13 years or older. The Compound measures in at over 25 acres, including a 5 acre walled garden section.
Based in the Gibstown Demesne estate just ten minutes outside of Navan, this site has a gaming area that ranges from open field to up close and personal. Surrounded by woodland, this site offers you a great gaming experience.
Website: www.theCompoundIreland.com
Email: info@theCompoundIreland.com
Facebook: facebook.com/thecompound
Phone: 0871813911
Fingal Airsoft:
Location: Stamullen
Min. Age: 11 y/o
Rentals Available: Yes
Membership Required: No
Fingal Airsoft is a site based in Stamullen, beside Gormanstown, run by players for players. Fingal is one of the archetypal airsoft battlefields, featuring diverse games that utilise the site to the best of its potential.
Renowned for an abundance of friendliness, Fingal have a loyal player base so you are always sure there are good games to be had, and at just €15 for a half-day’s gaming, or €25 for full day, you really can’t argue with that!
Website: www.FingalAirsoft.com
Email: info@FingalAirsoft.com
Phone: 0862675070
Rathbeggan Lakes Airsoft:
Location: Dunshaughlin, co. Meath
Min. Age: 12 y/o
Rentals Available: Yes
Membership Required: No
Rathbeggan Lakes Airsoft is a fantastic airsoft site that makes full use of surrounding woodland as well as the lake itself. Game types range from patrol ambush, CQB etc, and aim to cater to all players, be they Sunday Skirmisher, or MilSim-er. To play at Rathbeggan you need to be aged 12 years or older.
Rathbeggan is located just off of the M3, between Dunshaughlin and Dunboyne, just outside of Ratoath.
Website: www.RathbegganAirsoft.com
Email: info@RathbegganAirsoft.com
Phone: 01 824 0196
RedBarn Airsoft:
Location: Swords, co. Dublin
Min. Age: 11-13 (must have legal guardian playing alongside), 14 y/o solo
Rentals Available: Yes (Not Available for Sundays)
Membership Required: Yes; €10 annual membership
RedBarn Airsoft is one of Ireland’s premier outdoor skirmish sites – it offers a variety of game styles, with a dynamic site that has something to offer for everyone, whether it’s a rolling assault on the field complete with trench systems, ambushes in the woodland (complete with bases and foxholes), or CQB in the courtyard.
RedBarn Airsoft is located out in Swords, and is very easy to get to. Run by players for players, they have an excellent reputation in professionalism. Event play is a regular feature of RedBarn, whether it is WWII, Vietnam or Modern-Conflict.
To play at RedBarn Airsoft you must first join as a member (membership costs just €10, and includes a complimentary bag of BB’s), and be aged 14 years or older (you can play if aged between 11 – 13,  but you need a legal guardian playing with you)
Website: www.RedbarnAirsoft.com
Email: BBs@RedBarnAirsoft.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/Redbarn-Airsoft
RedHills Airsoft:
Location: Knocknagalliagh, Redhills Co. Kildare
Min. Age: 13 y/o
Rentals Available: Yes
Membership Required: Yes; €1 (silver) or €20 (gold)
Redhills Airsoft are one of the newest airsoft sites in Ireland, and is already one of the most popular! Its pool of regulars is rapidly growing through word of mouth – there is not a bad word to be heard about the site.
Membership is required to play at Redhills, though there are two options available; silver & gold. Silver membership is an annual nominal fee of €1, whereas gold membership is €20 for the year and provides a 20% discount off of the regular walk on fee (price drops from €25 to just €20). If you are only starting out, you can rent your equipment for €51 (including your membership for the year) plus a €10 refundable deposit. 
Redhills features a variety of terrain from wide open space to up close and personal CQB areas, with plenty of natural and man-made cover. The site lends itself perfectly to a myriad of game types, ensuring that there is always something new and different!
Email: redhillsairsoft@gmail.com
Phone: 0872481246
Adventure Weekend Airsoft:
Location: Broadford, Co. Clare
Min. Age: 12
Rentals Available: Yes
Membership Required: No
Adventure Weekend airsoft is a new and upcoming skirmish site based in Co. Clare. The site boasts 80 acres, with game zones constantly expanding along with construction of different buildings etc. The site features excellent natural cover, and is constantly expanding its man-made structures to allow new and more exciting games.
Located in Broadford co. Clare, this site is perfect for the Midwest of Ireland!
Website: www.AdventureWeekend.org.uk
Email: info@AdventureWeekend.org.uk
Facebook: Facebook.com/Adventure-Weekend-Airsoft
Rebel Airsoft Cork:
Location: Bandon, Co. Cork
Rentals Available: Yes
Membership Required: No
Rebel Airsoft is one of Ireland’s largest skirmish sites, and is run by Rebel Adventures to very high standards. Located near Bandon co. Cork, this impressive site measures in at 100 acres – more than enough for a good day’s skirmishing!
Rebel Airsoft features a forested game area which provides excellent natural cover, as well as purpose-built bases, trenches, field hospital, ammo dumps etc as well as the watch tower. This allows for more diverse games to be played, as well as providing an excellent airsofting experience.
Website: www.RebelAdventures.com
Email: Martin@RebelAdventures.com
Phone: 0876846384
Tigerland Airsoft:
Location: Sligo
Rentals Available: No
Membership Required: Yes
Tigerland Airsoft is located in co. Sligo, and is the only registered Airsoft site in the North West. It has 55 acres of gaming area to allow for a myriad of challenges with the combination of compelling gaming scenarios, on top of the immense natural cover of its natural woodland.
Tigerland Airsoft is a members only club, – membership costs just €35 for the year, however you need two identical passport sized pictures for your membership to be processed. Check out their website for full details.
Tigerland is renowned as one of the best run sites in Ireland, featuring both excellent game play, and honour amongst players.
Website: www.SligoAirsoft.com
Email: info@SligoAirsoft.com
Phone: 0868577896
Foxtrot 58 Airsoft:
Location: Antrim
Rentals Available: Yes
Membership Required: No
Foxtrot 58 is an airsoft site located in the North of Ireland, in County Antrim. It is renowned among players as a feat of excellence, especially where field props are concerned – they have a full range of military vehicles, in various states (i.e. fully functional, or blown up) to add to the immersion aspect of Airsoft.
Foxtrot 58 pride themselves on their scenarios, and equipment available – they have military radios for use, as well as all the garb required to dress according to scenarios (e.g. member of armed forces, police officer or member of the public etc) which helps create an impressive atmosphere. Foxtrot 58 Airsoft or FT58 as they are better known are a Full Mil Sim site. The site is run by ex members of the British Army who can provide you with additional training to expand on your overall gaming experience.
FT58 have competed in the Take Aim Cup at Moyvalley Adventure Zone (MAZ) where they walked away with the Bronze medal position.  They also hosted the first part of Operation Warlord, which was a great success! The event ran on both sides of the border allowing players to sample all of the different types of game play in various different settings.
Foxtrot 58 also featured heavily in the Take Aim Magazine during its run here in the south.  Their most recent operation was Operation Genesis. Players north and south of the border took part and even as far away as Holland as the Crazy Dutch made the journey to take part in this event.  
If you would like to experience airsoft from an entirely different perspective then this is the place you need to be.
Forum:   www.foxtrot58airsoft.com
Website: www.foxtrot58airsoft.synthasite.com
Phone: +44 (0)7951858650