A&K Masada ACR DMR (BK)

A&K Masada ACR DMR (BK)
This beast from A&K is a replica of the Magpul MASADA ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle)...also known as the Remington/Bushmaster ACR (Military/Civilian models). So...what is it? In the same vein as the rifles like the SCAR, the ACR was originally designed by Magpul to be customised/adapted to any situation. Parts can be quickly swapped to change calibre, barrel length, stocks etc. Whatever your mission required, this could deliver. In airsoft, it's just an awesome looking platform!

You still run regular STANAG-type magazines (any for TM-spec V2 M4's will fit and feed), although it looks best with the Magpul style PMAGS. Internally it still runs a regular V2 gearbox, which makes it easily repairable/upgradable. As on the realsteel, this replica features the quick change outer barrel, which is a fantastic feature. You can build up the parts to make your very own airsoft ACR system...or just revel in the quick take down nature of this piece!

This isn't just any old ACR though, this is the DMR version. DMR stands for Designated Marksman Rifle - it is designed for longer range engagements with precision, whilst retaining the firing capability for when things go south! For airsoft in Ireland, it's perfect - you have the long barrel and sniper-style, but retain full auto for when your base gets overrun!

Externally you have the elongated DMR handguard, and as this is styled on the Magpul MOE, you know it's comfortable! Up front isn't only where it's at - this beast has it where it counts (the back); PRS stock with adjustable length and cheekpiece ensuring maximum comfort when shooting. Lastly it's got some nice acoutrements such as ambidextrous fire select and magazine release, as well as flip up sights etc.

Rifle Specification
Gearbox TypeVersion 2
Length980mm-1005mm, Adjustable
Weight3.28 kg
Mag Capacity:300rds
Power:<1 Joule
Recommended Battery9.6v NiMh Nunchuck or 7.4v Lipo
  • Brand: A&K
  • Product Code: AK-MASADA-L-BK
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €450.00

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