The MP5 is just one of those guns that is instantly recognisable. Synonymous with SWAT units, as well as the SAS, it got a name for tactical units.

Seen in film and TV for years, such as the first seasons of Stargate SG-1, and virtually anywhere there's a SWAT unit present!

In airsoft, this AEG (Auto-Electric Gun) feels superb in the hand; compact and relatively dense (given the real steel counterpart is a lightweight design), and best of all, easy to use! This particular version is full metal, and has a RIS/RAS handguard, facilitating the addition of accessories e.g, flashlight/lasers, grips etc. In the box you get a vertical grip, as well as rail covers. You also get a battery & charger, allowing you to get started straight away.

As with the real steel, the lower receiver is plastic (along with the handguard) helping keep the weight down. In this version, the upper is plastic as well helping ensure you are more agile running at full speed. One of the nicest elements of this model is its RIS/RAS handguard; out of the box you can attach a myriad of

The high capacity SMG 9mm magazines are slim and easy to stow in pouches, and are fast-drawing due to their smooth design.

The fire selector is ambidextrous, so whether you're right or left handed, you're sorted! The magazine release has two styles of release; an ambidextrous AK-style lever, and an M4 style push-button on the left-hand side.

The sliding stock allows you to cut the length right down on this piece, excellent for transport and storage, as well as room clearing!

Manufactured by JG (Jing Gong), you've got their usual Version 2 gearbox inside, paired with a long type motor. Performance is solid - its focus is on reliability, rather than high rates of fire etc.

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Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 2
Length 540mm
Weight 2.13kg
Manufacturer JG
Colour: Black
Mag Capacity: 220 BB's
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 8.4v NiMh
  • Brand: Jing Gong
  • JGG-01-033392-00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €269.99
  • Ex Tax: €269.99

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