The SIG series of rifles are one of the coolest looking around - inspired by the AK design, but with a more modern twist, the SIG is the blending of rifle design.

Manufactured by Jing Gong, this replica is based on the SIG 551, the full carbine length version. This isn't just any 551, however, it is an electric blowback design, complete with metal RIS/RAS handguard, giving you great accessorising options out of the box, and giving it an aggressive look. Speaking of accessories, to mount a scope you need a top rail, which you get in the box, allowing you to mount a red dot or scope! In other words you get even more rail estate.

Internally, this rifle features a V3 Gearbox, and a long type motor, an unusual combination that works wonders. You have steel gears, a polycarbonate piston, forming a robust and durable build. Best of all, this gearbox has electric blowback - the piston moves the bolt back and forth, giving a realistic style to this rifle.

It is hard not to sing the praises of this rifle design - you have an ambidextrous magazine release, which is easy to access with or without gloves. The fire selector is also ambidextrous. The magazines are designed to be clipped together (similar to the G36 design), allowing for faster reloads. The trigger guard is a standard size, however one of the interesting aspects of this design is the swivelling trigger guard. You can push it out of the way if you need more space, allowing for more comfortable shooting, depending on your hand size, and whether you're wearing gloves.

The stock on this rifle is a side-folding design, allowing you to quickly cut the size down considerably - ideal for transport, storage, or CQB!

Loading up the included magazine is simple - there is a small catch on the top corner, which flips open allowing you to pour your BB's in. Simply pour in until full, then wind the bottom wheel to feed BB's up into the gun. Inserting the magazine is similar to an AK; front first, and hinge back until it clicks into position.

This rifle has a rotary hop up chamber, with generous ease-of-use design, allowing for greater fine control over your shots. Paired with a 6.08mm barrel, your consistency is solid for an out of the box rifle. For greater performance, you may want to consider a barrel and hop up change to shoot even further

This set includes the excellent SIG 551 RIS replica, top rail, high capacity magazine, battery, and charger.

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Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 3
Length 840mm
Weight 3.45kg
Manufacturer Jing Gong
Colour: Black
Mag Capacity: 100 BB's
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 8.4v Mini or 7.4v Lipo
  • Brand: Jing Gong
  • JGW-01-019733-00
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  • €329.99
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