Tokyo Marui HK USP

Tokyo Marui HK USP

Heckler and Koch (H&K) have a strong name for building superb guns that are fit for purpose. In other words, their primary purpose is the reason they exist. There is beauty through utility, and that's H&K's game.

The USP is no exception. Despite its awful acronymic name (Universal Self-loading Pistol), it is a formidable beast. Growing out of the same testing that bore the SOCOM MK23, the USP benefitted from similar pressures, hence their similar appearances. The USP garnished a lot of variants, but what can come close to the original?

It's boxy, it's square, and as it's made by TM, accurate as hell!

In the box you also get a 20mm RIS rail adapter, allowing you to use standard accessories! You can add flashlights, lasers, or even grips...who are we to judge?!

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Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type 144a/Green Gas
Power 1 Joule
Mag Capacity 23 rounds
Length 195mm
Weight 0.72kg
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Colour Black
Hop up Adjustable
  • €179.99
  • Ex Tax: €179.99

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