Tokyo Marui HK417

Tokyo Marui HK417

Forming part of Tokyo Marui's NGRS (Next-Generation Recoil Shock) series, the HK417 features imitation recoil, as well as offering a stop-on-empty feature when used with the midcap magazines. This feature does not work with high capacity magazines.

Although the gearbox is proprietary to Tokyo Marui's NGRS series, it is a high quality design optimised for our power limit, making it a force to be reckonned with on the field. The hop up is found in the usual location (behind the faux bolt, hidden by the dust cover), allowing for fast on-the-fly adjustments.

This rifle does not include battery or charger, and out of the box you have to use Tokyo Marui's proprietary 8.4v NiMh battery. The battery is housed in the stock, and due to this system, you cannot use any other batteries without modification. We recommend wiring in a standard connection, and running the rifle on 7.4v Lipo for best performance.

Perhaps one of the biggest standout features of this gun is its concstruction - full metal, with a 16" anodised aluminium RIS/RAS handguard, giving it a DMR look. 

Upper and lower receiver, barrel assembly and sight tower, stock tube, dust cover, magazine, trigger, magazine release and selector are all made out of metal, and finished beautifully. The 417 features a stop-on-empty bolt lock; the rifle is prevented from shooting when the last BB is fired. Inserting a fresh magazine and pressing the bolt release makes it ready to go. This adds to the realism, and really sets it apart from the rest!

Included in the box, along with the rail segments, is an 70rd magazine, compatible with the stop-on-empty feature.

Tokyo Marui's proprietary 8.4V 1300mAh battery is required (not included), or modification for standard batteries (this modification will remove material from the stock, and wire in a standard connection).

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