Tokyo Marui HK45

Tokyo Marui HK45

The HK45 is a modern pistol from Heckler and Koch, chambered in the .45 ACP round. Basically an evolved USP with a cool ergonomic spider-web looking grip! 

Manufactured by Tokyo Marui, this gun is superb! Comfortable in the hand, extremely straight shooter (once you play with the hop a little!) and snappy recoil. Due to the lightweight slide, it doesn't have much kick, but the snap is impressive nevertheless. Powered by green gas (or 134a, if you want to extend the lifespan of the gun at the expense of performance), it is best to fill the magazine when both it and the gas bottle are cold, then warming them up!

The adjustable hop up is accessible from the ejection port, so no need to strip it apart for basic tuning!

Since for all intents and purposes this is a USP but sleeker, you have the safety/decocker on the left side. The trigger is single & double action, so you can carry it with the hammer down & safety off; harder trigger pull for the first one, but faster to fire!

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Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Green Gas
Blowback Gas Blowback
Power <0.95J
Mag Capacity 26rds
Length 200mm
Weight 0.78kg
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Colour Black
Hop up Adjustable
  • €189.99
  • Ex Tax: €189.99

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