Tokyo Marui AK74MN (NGRS)

Tokyo Marui AK74MN (NGRS)

    The AK47 is arguably the most iconic gun to ever exist - instantly recognisable, and featured in virtually every conflict since its inception. The AK74, a more modern variant builds upon its brilliance with improvements. This replica from Tokyo Marui is a thing of beauty!

    The AK74MN is a more modern variant of the venerable AK, with side folding stock, and black hardware, making it stealthier!

    Constructed out of metal, with authentic recoil, the bolt reciprocates with every shot, making it extremely realistic. This model is only compatible with the Tokyo Marui AK74 NGRS magazines

    The battery is easily accessible, and is wired to Tamiya allowing you to use either an 8.4v NiMH mini type, or a small 7.4v lipo battery. The battery is stored in the handguard/gas block.

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