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Tokyo Marui Howa Type 89 GBBR

The Type 89 is a gas blowback rifle manufactured by Tokyo Marui, built off their MWS gas system. It uses the same magazine design as the M4 series, however this model comes with the VN style magazine (holding only 20 rounds).

This rifle replaced the older type 64 (also manufactured by Howa) for the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) in 1989, hence the name. It is similar to the AR-18, which Howa built under license from Armalite. It is a more modern assault rifle, chambered in 5.56, and features an integrated bipod (as well as a composite stock).

Considering Tokyo Marui's focus on the Japanese market, it is no surprise that they produced this replica - but when you hold it you'll be glad they did. This rifle comes in just shy of 4kg, so it is not light, but for a gun this size it is more than respectable. The die-cast bipod feels great, and adds a little more practicality, especially given the recoil.

The kick off this is equal to the MWS carbine, giving sold feedback every shot, and putting a massive smile on your face with each cycle of the bolt. But that's not the main feature - this beauty has four modes; safe, semi-auto, burst fire (3 round burst), and full auto. That's right, this GBBR has 3 round burst, and it is incredibly satisfying!

The bipod is removable, and fast action to do so, allowing you to tweak the gun and get it looking exactly as you want.

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Gas Rifle Specification
Manufacturer Tokyo Marui
Gas Type 144a/Green Gas
Mag Capacity 20
Blowback GBB
Length 916mm
Weight 3.94kg
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  • Ex Tax: €674.99

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