Having problems with your airsoft gun? There are some basics checks that you can carry out to ensure that there is a definite prevailing problem, helping to keep your gun in tip-top shape and keeping you in the game! Should the problem persist after troubleshooting, please get in touch with us ASAP by phone on 01 4568518 (Dublin branch) or 021 425 0100 (Cork branch), or by email through


Electric Rifles - Common Problems & What to Look out for

Problem Things to Check Solution
My AEG is not cycling (no noise from gearbox)

Is my battery fully charged?

Has the fuse blown? (fig 1)

Have the connectors on the motor shaken loose?(fig 2)


Retest on a fully charged battery

Check the fuse - if it has blown replace & retest

Check the spade connectors on the motor - if they've come off of the terminal, slot them back on & retest

My AEG won't fire

(clicking noise from motor)

Is my battery suitable for this gun?

Is my battery fully charged?

Is the motor adjustment screw too loose/tight?(fig 3)

Retest on a fully charged 9.6v battery

Tighten motor adjustment screw until you feel resistance and back it out a half-turn & retest

My gun is cycling, but no BB's come out

Am I using good quality BB's?

Have I reused BB's?

Is my barrel jammed?

Is my hop up on too much?

Remove magazine, turn hop up off and feed your cleaning/unjamming rod down the barrel.

Clean the inner barrel with some non-linting cloth (fig 4)

Load some high quality BB's (King Arms, Excels etc) into a magazine & retest

There is a grinding/screeching noise when I fire Is my motor adjustment screw too tight/loose

Griding noise is typical when the screw is too loose; screeching is common when it is too tight.

Tighten the screw until you feel resistance, and back it out a half turn


Gas/Co2 Pistols - Common Problems & What to Look out for

Problem Things to Check Solution
My pistol isn't firing BB's

Is there gas in the magazine?

Am I using good quality BB's (King Arms, Excels etc)

Is the hop up on too far?

Ensure the magazine is filled with gas - for Green Gas fill the magazine upside down with a fresh bottle of gas. For Co2 insert a new Co2 capsule

Fill the magazine with high quality BB's

If the hop up is adjustable, turn it all the way off & retest

My Magazine is leaking

(From the Base)

Have I dropped the magazine?

Is the magazine screw in tight enough (for Co2 guns only)

Have I left the magazine without gas over time?

If the magazine has been dropped, the base can become loose - this can be tightened either via a small screw on the base (fig 1), or by ensuring the roll pins are in the correct place (fig 2 & 3)

If Co2 is leaking out of the bottom, ensure that the retaining screw is sufficiently tightened

Storing magazines without any gas can dry out the seals requiring maintenance (lubraction and/or replacement of perished O-rings)

My Magazine is leaking

(From the Top)

Is the main valve tight? (fig 4)

Have I stored the magazine without gas?

Some leaks can be fixed by tightening the main release valve - please note that you need a special tool called a Valve Key (fig 5) to adjust the valve. Using a screwdriver etc will damage the valve

If the magazine has been stored sans gas then the O-rings can dry out and perish - sometimes lubricating the seals is enough to rescure the magazine

My pistol fires one BB and doesn't blowback

(Blowback pistols only)

Has the pistol been oiled recently?

Is the magazine leaking?

Is there enough pressure in the magazine (i.e. Cool Down effects)

If the pistol has not been maintained/oiled in a while, the seal between piston cup & cylinder (inside nozzle) may be dried out. Disassmble the pistol and oil the BBU (blowback unit) (fig 6)

If the magazine is leaking, or if it is too cold (particularly for green gas pistols), the blowback will be severely lessened. Ensure your magazine is leak-free and warm up your magazine (leave it near a radiator or stick it in your pocket for 1-2 minutes) & retest