G&G ETU Gen.2 (V2 Gearbox)

G&G ETU Gen.2 (V2 Gearbox)

New and improved ETU 2.0 and Mosfet 3.0
The ETU by G&G is an electronic trigger for version 2 gearboxes, which replaces the standard sliding contact system traditionally used. You get a quicker uptake, more efficient transfer of energy, and remove the arcing problem suffered from the traditional trigger type.

Of course, that's not all you get with this MOSFET system - you also have a built-in 3 round burst feature. Activating it is dead quick; pull the trigger (& hold) in semi auto for 10 seconds, and voila! Flick the gun to full auto and you now have burst. Press & hold again in semi to enable full auto. Please note that it is a full ten seconds, so be sure to count it out slowly...or hold for longer than you reckon for safety!

As with virtually all upgrade parts, please note that they can require modification to work with the rest of your gearbox. If you are at all unsure please seek the aid of a professional!

This version is front wired

Upgrade Parts - Triggers & Assemblies
Gearbox Type Version 2
Suitable for M4/M16
Wires Included Yes
  • €65.01
  • Ex Tax: €52.85

Tags: 31356-AZ, Guay, ETU, MOSFET, Electronic Trigger Unit