Slong 56mm Barrel Extension (14mm CCW)

Slong 56mm Barrel Extension (14mm CCW)

Barrel Extensions are used to hide inner barrels, or to attach other accessories e.g. Silencers, Tracers etc on guns where they otherwise don't fit.

Generally used to give a silencer clearance from the rail kit, or for tracer units where the inner barrel is sticking out a little too much preventing the tracer unit from working.

Barrel extensions are also used for upgrades, where the inner barrel has been changed for a tightbore or longer barrel (or both), and you may need to hide the barrel to keep your gun looking right!

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Suppressor Specification
Thread 14mm CCW
Build Material Metal
Length 56mm
  • Brand: Slong
  • SL00343
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  • €15.00
  • Ex Tax: €15.00

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