LED Flashlight 20mm Mount

LED Flashlight 20mm Mount
In a world dominated by pointless accessories for guns, the venerable torch/flashlight stands out against the crowd as being something inherently practical. Having a torch on your gun is a pre-requisite for night games, and not only for playing in them, but for your own safety RE navigating the sight or identifying yourself to marshals etc.

But what torch to choose from? Well, that can be a difficult question - you want something bright enough to illuminate your path, but capable of dim settings so as to not give away your position. Strobe is always a nice feature to have, but not essential. And then you have the cool factor...what sets it apart? Well, this one is green!

Sleek black metal body, 20mm scope ring (with subdued "Swiss Arms" trade mark laser engraved) included. It's a rechargeable battery, so no need to be burning through AA/AAA, or the dreaded CR123a! Simply plug it in, charge it up and use to your heart's content. You can charge it using USB, plug, or car charger i.e. cigarette lighter!

There are 4x modes; Full power, Dim, Strobe, and Off. Off is the least fun!
Flashlight & Laser Specification
Power 100 lumen
Battery Rechargeable
Mount 20mm Scope Ring (Included)
Pressure Switch Not Included
Type Flashlight
  • Brand: Cybergun
  • 263927
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