Cybergun HPA Colt 1911 (Dual Tone)

Cybergun HPA Colt 1911 (Dual Tone)

Manufactured by KWC, under Cybergun's watchful eye, this replica is an officially licensed copy of the Colt 1911. What sets it apart from the crowd is its stunning finish; dual tone black and silver, rather than the more common plane-jane black.

As a spring powered replica, it is manually cocking. That means there's no gas needed, nor do you have to wait for a battery to charge. Instead you pull back the slide to the rear to cock the pistol, and load a BB into the chamber. It is important to never reuse BB's, as doing so will damage/break your replica

Forming part of Cybergun's HPA series, this replica is heavyweight, durable, and a top notch performer (as far as spring pistols go)

Spring Pistol Specification
Power <0.5J
Mag Capacity 20
Length 20cm
Weight 0.6kg
Colour Black
  • Brand: KWC
  • 180131
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  • €35.00
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