Brand new to the airsoft market, Cybergun have released the hotly anticipated FN Herstal FNS-9, and it is impressive!

The real steel pistol has not been around too long itself, released in 2011. It is a 9mm striker-fired pistol, designed to rival the EU-Series (hence the GK serial number; EU-Series Killer). Designed with all shooters in mind, its controls are completely ambidextrous - no more discrimination for southpaws. As you'd expect from virtually all modern pistols, there's a standard picatinny rail on the bottom to facilitate the addition of torches/lasers etc, and you have the white-dotted iron sights. The gun is geared toward Military & LE, with many US agencies adopting the pistol over the likes of the EU-Series.

In airsoft terms the pistol is a thing of beauty. Comfortable to hold, and also comes with a larger backstrap to adjust the size of the grip. The polymer lower is textured for superior grip, and the authentic FN trademarks are deeply engraved (which is a really nice touch)! You can see where it grew out of the FNX-45, especially when changing the backstrap - you use a small pin to push in the catch, and slide the panel off. Both guns also feature similar trigger guards, as well as the same design of magazine release.

Licensed by Cybergun, this piece is manufactured by VFC. It is their latest production for Cybergun, and definitely their best. Each and every gun they come out with is better than the last. The finish is sublime, and the slide fitment is superb. Virtually no rattle from the gun, which is a major bonus. Racking the slide is extremely satisfying. There's suitable resistance, whilst avoiding feeling artificial. It feels similar to racking a real steel slide in that you have the resistance of the firing mech, as well as the recoil spring, and that it feels constant i.e. no mushy feeling in the cycle. On top of that, the trigger is responsive, and positive. The bite point is clear & clean, and doesn't take much force!

Powered by green gas, there is a return of the Western Arms style fill-valve - you won't find it on the bottom lurking under a base plate, instead it's just beneath the striker valve. This allows for a better fill, and also ensures the gun maintains the highest degree of realism (i.e. no hint of a fill valve protruding from the baseplate). With regard to that baseplate, you'll find more of the exquisite FN trademarks beautifully engraved, and it is this attention to detail that really seals the deal.

The rest of the pistol features authentic trademarks throughout, with no hints that it's an airsoft gun (i.e. no 6mm markings anywhere). Instead you have deeply engraved authentic & licensed trademarks on both sides of the metal slide. The serial number is laser engraved on a plate contained in the picatinny rail, along with a QR code.

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Pistol / GBBR Specification
Gas Type Green Gas
Blowback Blowback
Power <0.9 Joule
Mag Capacity 22 BB's
Length 190mm
Weight 0.669g
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Colour Black
Hop up Adjustable
  • Brand: VFC
  • 200511
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €185.00
  • Ex Tax: €185.00

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