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Amomax Desert Eagle Holster, When using a sidearm, having it on your person ready to go is critical

When using a sidearm, having it on your person ready to go is critical. You want to be able to switch from your primary to your pistol in as little time as possible, and the more intuitive you can make that process, the better. Obviously, there are a lot of different pistols out there, and not all holsters will fit all pistols, so it is important to choose one that will fit your needs. The primary differences between holsters is their mount point (hip, shoulder, leg etc), and build material (fabric/nylon, leather, plastic). Plastic holsters are louder, but have a faster draw, and better retention. They also can help prevent the accidental loss of magazines.

Amomax, once known as CYTAC, are a holster and tactical gear manufacturer, specialising in the design and producion of active retention holsters. They grew to popularity thanks to their being a low-cost alternative to the Blackhawk Serpa, Safariland, or the IMI retention holsters. Constructed out of plastic, these holsters offer a fast draw, and there are a wide number of models. Some are gun/model specific, offering a more straightforward experience. The Amomax platform allows you to mount the holster on a paddle, belt loop, MOLLE adapter, or leg panel. These accessories attach via the main central screw, making it simple to transform the holster to work for your setup. These accessories are aftermarket parts.

Amomax also produce a range of pouches in the same style, giving you a low-drag high-speed setup.

This tactical plastic holster is designed for the Desert Eagle - a garganuan sidearm, that can be tricky to carry due to its girth. Not any more, thanks to Amomax. This form fitting pistol will work with Desert Eagles that have rails, or without, and thanks to Amomax using the IMI style design, it is compatible with aftermarket accessories e.g. MOLLE Loop, drop leg panel, belt loop etc.

Only suitable for Desert Eagle replicas.

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