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New Thunder B Grenade (Starter Kit), Grenades in airsoft take many different forms - from hand grenades, to 40mm launchers, and more

Grenades in airsoft take many different forms - from hand grenades, to 40mm launchers, and more.

Hand grenades in airsoft either produce sound-only, or fire BB's (rarely both), and are timed or impact. Generally they are re-useable, so after throwing you will need to retreive them.

Grenade launchers in airsoft work a bit different than you might expect - realistically, they're more like shotguns. The grenades are captive, holding gas and BB's, and when you fire the launcher, the grenade shoots all of the BB's out in a giant cloud of gas and fun, but the grenade remains in the launcher. These grenades are re-usable, and need to be reloaded.

APS are an airsoft manufacturer based in China, producing a wide range of airsoft products, from airsoft guns, accessories, grenades, and much more. Externally their guns look great, however internally they often off-spec from the norm making them incompatible with a huge amount of parts. This may not be immediately obvious, and can cause intermittent issues.

They are famous for their Thunder B grenade design, as well as producing a wide-range of accessories for airsoft guns.

The Thunder B grenade is one of the most popular grenades on the airsoft market. Due in part to its price-point, and also because of its 100+ decibel BANG that just can't be beaten! 

The starter kit from Hakkatsu includes 1x Core, 3x Shells, 1x Spoon & 2x pins. Assembling the grenade takes a couple of seconds; screw the core onto the spoon assembly, and setup the spoon. All you have to do is pull back the inner hammer, insert the pin through the first hole, pull the hammer back the rest of the way and put the pin in the second hole. Pull down the spoon, and put the pin through the whole mechanism holding everything together. Lastly screw on your shell and you're ready to go.

When you pull the pin, the hammer pierces the Co2 cannister filling it with Co2 until the shell ruptures producing its impressive noise. 

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