Returns & Warranty

In the unlikely event that you are having a problem with an airsoft gun puchased from Hobby Airsoft please check our troubleshooting guide. 99% of issues are easily remedied without the help of a technician!

Should the problem persist after troubleshooting, please get in touch with us ASAP by phone on 01 456 8518 (Dublin branch) or 021 425 0100 (Cork branch), or by email to

I want to return an item in person:

No problem! Drop into the branch you made the purchase from. 

Make sure to bring your receipt/proof of purchase!

I want to return an item by post/courier:

We are happy to accept your returns by post/courier, but please make sure to do the following:

Pack/wrap your return securely and discretely. Hobby Airsoft will not be liable for any items that are lost or damaged in transit to us. Returns are best sent in a sturdy cardboard box.

Include a copy of your invoice/receipt 

Let us know how to contact you! Don't forget to include a note stating your name, address, contact phone number and email address. 

Any background information that you can give about the problem you're having with your gun is helpful! Please be honest, if you have dropped your gun, used the wrong bb's, overcharged your battery...tell us! We won't judge'll just help our technicians to get your gun back to you quicker. 

How long does my Warranty last?

We like happy customers! That's why in addition to your statutory rights and manufacturer warranty Hobby Airsoft offer an industry leading 30 day warranty on pistols, and 90 day warranty on rifles.

Due to the nature of use of airsoft guns and equipment, all goods returned under warranty must be inspected by a Hobby Airsoft technician before a repair or replacement can be offered.

What isn't covered by my warranty?

Just like people and puppies, airsoft equipment requires care and attention! Instructions as to how to take care of your airsoft equipment can be found in your user manual, in our airsoft maintenance guide, or by contacting us.

Physical damage, issues caused by non-maintenance or user error and damage to airsoft guns as a result of using unsuitable BBs are not covered by warranty.

I'm out of warranty/my warranty is void. What can I do?

Don't worry, we're here to help!

Our experienced technicians will inspect your return and contact you with a quote if a repair is possible.