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4x32 Compact Tactiacl Scope (Tan), Accessorising your airsoft replica is a rite of passage; a journey of discovery

Accessorising your airsoft replica is a rite of passage; a journey of discovery...and mostly fun! Whether functional items, or merely simple cosmetic additions to make the gun feel more yours. Either way, there are many options to choose from. One of the biggest choices many people face is what sort of optic, if any, to put on their gun. Some prefer the fast target acquisition benefits of a red/green dot sight, whilst others prefer the longer range approach of the magnified optics. For Red Dot sights it's just a case of deciding on a shape/style that you like the look of, and going from there. With magnified optics it's a little more complicated - you have to factor in eye-relief, objective lens diameter, magnification and optical clarity, as well as size and styling.

This sniper scope is the ideal configuration - you have 4x zoom, allowing you to see four times greater than your natural eyesight. In airsoft terms, it is the optimal magnification as it shows you where your BB is landing. Magnification greater than this is largely pointless as you're seeing further than the BB is travelling. It has a 32mm objective lens, reducing the reflective surface whilst still letting plenty of light through.

The included mounts are tall style, which gives you a more comfortable aiming experience (it creates greater clearance between the stock of your rifle, and your mask/lower face protection). Compatible with RIS/RAS, attaching the scope is simple - loosen the two thumb screws, slot into position, and tighten them back up. For picatinny style rails, you may need to move the mounts on the scope body.

Optics Specification
Type Scope
Magnification 4x
Adjustment Windage & Elevation
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