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ARES SOC-SLR (Bullpup) Precision Rifle, In airsoft, the mainstay (and industry favourite) is the humble AEG

In airsoft, the mainstay (and industry favourite) is the humble AEG. Battery powered replicas, offering superb value, and unmatched practicality. AEG stands for "Automatic Electric Gun", and it really is a case of "What it says on the Tin" - they have an internal gearbox, and motor, and when you pull the trigger the battery spins the motor, allowing the replica to fire. Granted, that doesn't sound terribly exciting, however in reality, it means every time you pull the trigger, your gun fires, and you can get an impressive rate of fire (more BB's down range faster).

Internally, most components of an AEG can be tweaked/upgraded, so you can tinker and customise your replica to suit how you play. Whether you want a faster rate of fire, more responsive trigger, or increase the range & accuracy, with an AEG the world is your oyster. Due to their mechanism, they are quieter than their gas/Co2 counterparts, so you can stay hidden for longer (or if shooting targets out the back, the sound is less likely to irritate the neighbours).

ARES are an interesting manufacturer, often working with other factories to produce guns for them e.g. S&T, STAR etc. They have one of the most impressively diverse catalogues of airsoft products, and focus on delivering superb looking, excellent feeling, and interesting airsoft models. From their infamous WA2000 sniper rifle, to the more historic Lee Enflied, the Bullpup Tavor TAR-21, and their widely beloved Amoeba line, consisting of modern M4's with Smart Control Units, or the Striker bolt action rifle series.

Based in Hong Kong, ARES have always had a passion for the beauty of gun design, and emphasis on collectability of a replica. With the likes of their Striker lineup, they produce a lot of aftermarket parts, giving you the chance to tweak and customise your gun to your hearts content. ARES also extend this to their other models, producing internals (gears, pistons, MOSFET's and more), as well as externals (grips, bipods, silencers, etc.). They are mostly known for their superior build quality, particularly for their externals, and for the sheer beauty of their design.

Under licese from Otto Reppa OMR, the MSR SOC SLR is a Precision Self-Loading AEG rifle; a bullpup sniper rifle with unique appearance, that makes you stand and take notice. Unlike many other bullpup rifles, it retains a slim profile, allowing you to lie prone, without the rifle being too elevated. You have a 40 round magazine, semi-auto fire, with a built in factory fitted MOSFET. Battery and charger are not included with this rifle, however we recommend running it on 7.4v lipo for best performance.

The top of the rifle has a full length RIS/RAS rail, facilitating the addition of virtually any optics setup you can imagine, whether you're running full size sniper scopes, red dots, or both. You have an integrated bipod for stable shooting, as well as helping with the weight...and you'll need the help. Coming in at over 6kg, this rifle is constructed out of heavyweight metal, and feels incredibly realistic. The rear of the rifle has a rubberised butt pad for improved comfort, as well as an adjustable cheekpiece. There is also QD mount points to run slings, which is definitely recommended given this rifle's weight.

The battery (not included) is stored under the barrel, so you will need to use small lipo batteries, as space is limited. You have ambidextrous fire controls, so it is intuitive and easy to use.

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Rife Specification
Gearbox Type Proprietary
Length 995mm
Weight 6.35kg
Manufacturer ARES
Colour: Black
Mag Capacity 23 BB's
Power: <0.95 Joule
Recommended Battery 7.4v Lipo
  • Brand: ARES
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  • €549.99
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