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New Specna Arms Dark Matter Brushless Motor (Long; 27K), Motors are the drivetrain of your airsoft electric gun - when you pull the trigger, your battery sends the current to your motor, which spools up and cycles the gears to fire

Motors are the drivetrain of your airsoft electric gun - when you pull the trigger, your battery sends the current to your motor, which spools up and cycles the gears to fire. A typical gear set has a ratio of 18:1, so the bevel gear has to spin 18 times to cycle the gun once. The faster your motor can spin, the less time it takes to complete each revolution, and the faster your gun can shoot.

There are a number of different types of motors, and important aspects to consider. The first, and arguably most important, is the shape/style - not all motors are compatible with all airsoft guns. Some replicas use long type motors (e.g. M4's), some use short (e.g. AK's), and others use Mid-length (e.g. SIG 556). Once you have the right type of motor, the next part is whether you go for speed, or torque. For trigger response and burst fire, high torque motors are optimal - they have faster acceleration, and get to their top speed faster. For sustained fire, high speed motors have a higher top speed, however they are slower to reach that speed (as such they're normally used in full-auto builds e.g. LMG's/Support Guns). Lastly, you have the type of magnets used in the motors - basic motors use ferrite magnets, which are more power hungry, and have a slower cyclical speed than the alternatives. The cream of the crop are Neodymium magnet motors; they are more efficient, and faster overall.

Specna Arms are one of the most dominant brands on the airsoft market, coming out of nowhere to completely take over, offering superior performance, better value, and unbelievable quality at an affordable price. Perhaps better than any other, Specna Arms have dedicated tiers covering each price point, with massive variety of models at each level - FLEX is their entry level sportsline series, where you have high quality internals paired with fibre reinforced nylon externals, CORE are their mid-level range with more metal components on externals (e.g. handguard/rail kits), and EDGE are their high end full metal replicas with higher quality internals. And that's just the guns!

Specna Arms also produce a massive range of accessories from magazines to batteries, tactical gear, and much more. All of their products have a focus on airsoft, and airsofters, making them optimised for the skirmish field. It is hard to beat them for sheer quality, especially when you factor in their price. Virtually all of their guns have quick spring change systems, with steel gears and 6.03mm tightbore barrels out of the box, and since you can get virtually every part for them, you can tweak and customise to your heart's content, and create something unique to you. It's no surprise that they are one of the most often recommended, and most beloved airsoft manufacturers.

This Bushless 27,000 RPM Motor forms the Dark Matter line; serious power, fast-shooting, at its best. Brushless motors offer quieter operation, and the supreme build quality makes this a piece to behold. The housing is machined out of CNC aluminium, and despite increasing the total rate of fire, it reduces power consumption. Thanks to the excellent design, it has excellent heat dissipation

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